Grand Re-Branding Party

December 3rd

In celebration of our re-branding (won’t call it a grand opening; as we didn’t close) we have lined up some amazing events and groups to help spread the word.

From open to close on Saturday, we will have board games, RPGs, food, prizes and more! Come help us celebrate and meet some fellow local gamers.

There will be a raffle going all day. Every 2 hours we will raffle off prizes including gift cards and brand new board games. Everyone will receive a raffle ticket just for showing up. Earn more with each purchase of $10 or more (non food.) Spend $20 and get 2 raffle tickets, and so on. Gift cards purchases are included, but purchases with a gift card are not eligible cialis generika kaufen.

Gaming Group

A to be determined gaming group will be coming in to play and teach all day.

The Dead Game Society will be in the house playing famous out of print game systems. Games to be played to be announced. There will be a limited number of spots available for this event. Look for event registration for this and any other DGS events that may be added, here. Tickets will be available on November 12th at noon.

We will have an event running from 1pm until 4pm. There will be some local players on hand to teach if you don’t know how to play. Hopefully this will become a monthly event.

Standard Showdown
Magic: The Gathering is running part 2 of it’s Standard Showdown. Bring your Standard deck and win booster packs with a 1:33 chance of an Expedition or an Invention!


Tickets are no longer available.