Magic Buying Policies and Prices

General Buying Policies

  • Cards that have been stored in rubber bands will be bought at 25% less than the listed rates.
  • Collections that show a large amount of play or water-damage will be bought at 50% less than the listed rates.
  • Cards that are noticeably stained, smell of smoke or pets, or have other unpleasant odors, stains or damage may be refused outright.

Trading in and selling Magic Cards

We buy new, unplayed, Magic singles. Open a card at a draft and want to return it for store credit? We can do that! The rates below should give you a general idea of what to expect, but please note that in stock quantity may have a positive or negative impact on these prices.

General MTG Trade Rates

Trade in Store Credit Toward MTG Singles = 80% of your card’s value

Trade in for Store Credit = ~60% of your card’s value

Check/Paypal = Varies, but typically 40-50% of your card’s value.

When selling quantities greater than 20 cards at a time, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. We reserve the right to refuse any card not opened in a pack at our store valued at $15 or greater.

Bulk Magic Cards

Bulk MTG singles are purchased at different rates. Some examples are listed below. Please note that bulk cards receive no increase for store credit over check/paypal. Please contact us for further details.

  • Any Rare $.10
  • Any Foil $0.05
  • Any Foil Rare $0.25
  • 1000 commons/uncommons (unsorted) $3.00
  • Any Promo $0.25
  • Any Mythic $0.25
  • Any Foil Mythic $0.50