In order to best follow the guidelines set forth by the Wisconsin State Government, we have implemented a few changes.

Until further notice, the store will be closed to the public.  We will follow all local and federal laws to try to get games into your hands.

Send us an email:
We'll work out a way to get you the games you're looking for.
We have started a discord server, email for the link.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we will see you once things blow over.

Board Games

Catan, Ticket to Ride, and many more!

Card Games

Magic the Gathering, Force of Will, Pokemon, and more!

Role Playing Games

Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars, and more!

About TK Games

Our goal is to introduce you, and continue to provide you with all of the latest board, card and tabletop games.  We want you to actually sit down with friends and family and play games!  Our staff will be happy to demo most games that we have in stock.

We also carry the necessary accessories needed to help advance or protect your game, including card sleeves, play mats, dice, figures and paints.

We run Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon the card game, and Force of Will events and tournaments.  Weekly Friday Night Magic, Kids only Pokemon, and league play of FoW are just some of the events you can easily join.  Bigger tournaments are run when applicable, and will be posted on our calendar and Facebook page.

We hope to see you for all your gaming needs.


Pre Orders and Event Registration

Click here to view our most recent pre orders or event registration for Magic, Pokemon and FoW.