In order to best follow the guidelines set forth by the Wisconsin State Government, we have implemented a few changes.

Until further notice, the store will be closed to the public.  We will follow all local and federal laws to try to get games into your hands.

Send us an email:
We'll work out a way to get you the games you're looking for.
We have started a discord server, email for the link.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we will see you once things blow over.

UPDATE 5/15/2020

I'm not going to get to wordy and explain my thinking too much, but if you'd like to chat, hit me up, I'll make time to talk.

On to the main announcement

As of right now, we're following the guidance from Waukesha County with a few minor adjustments that we believe is best for our specific type of business.

The gaming space will be closed. Organized play from Wizards of the Coast have been suspended until 6/1. This includes D&D and MTG.
The bulk cards are still closed to browsing, but any singles requests will be filled as best we can.

Curbside pickup will continue. Just call the store during our hours listed below, or message the stores FB with requests.

There will be a limit of 5 people in store. Young children must be held. We will provide masks for those who don't have one and wish to wear one. If you are showing symptoms, please utilize curbside pickup. Social distancing guidelines are in effect in the store. Please be courteous of other shoppers.

We will be opening on 5/15 with the following modified hours
Fridays 3 - 9pm.
Saturdays 12 - 8
Sundays 12 - 6

We're going to continue to monitor the situation, and slowly add more hours and services. Waukesha plans on reevaluating in 2 weeks. We will also reevaluate then.…/public-health-pre…/COVID19/

UPDATE 4/8/2020

For those of you looking to connect, we will be online a few hours almost every day on our Discord server.  The link for that changes daily, so email or message us through FB for a new link.  We will be playing games like MTG Arena, Minecraft (Bedrock), and a tabletop simulator "Tabletopia"  which is free on Steam. (Vickie may join, but she's a newb)

Current schedule

  • Tue - Tabletopia from 2pm to 6pm
  • Wed - Tabletopia from 6pm to 10pm
  • Thur - MTG Arena from 2pm to 6pm
  • Fri - MTG Arena from 6pm to 10pm
  • Sat - Minecraft from 6pm to 10pm
  • Sun - Minecraft from 2pm to 6pm


We are updating our process to get games to you.

  • Message us through email, FB, Discord, scroll on an arrow, etc
  • We will check inventory and distribution and let you know
  • FLAT MSRP pricing, sales tax included, free shipping
  • Add $5 if you would like it delivered*

There's one more way to get the games you want and help us out in the process.

  • Use THIS LINK to find a list of board game publishers who are offering direct sales to you, and if you mention US, they will credit us for a portion of that sale.

Mystery boosters are available for pre order!  There are a limited number, so don't miss out.  We're also including an option to purchase $50 in gift cards for $35!  Good for anything we sell in store.


If you are a painter, we currently carry Reaper paints.  If you're a Citadel or Vallejo painter, HERE is a great resource to match what we carry.